Keenan Cooks teaches a fun, high-energy piece to #BDAY by Tank ft. Chris Brown at Broadway Dance Center

About Keenan Cooks
Keenan Cooks was born and raised in Boston, MA and began dancing at the age of 14. Just two years later, he became a member of Boston-based Nia Dance Troupe where he began his professional training. In 2008, Keenan moved to New York City to pursue dance professionally.

Since moving to New York City, Keenan has had the honor of working with amazing choreographers such as Rhapsody James, Frank Gatson, Laurie Ann Gibson, Tweetie, Derek Mitchell, and Nico O’Connor. He has also had the privilege of working with a diverse list of artist such as Ne-Yo, Vietnamese pop-star Vy Phuong, and three-time Grammy winning Colombian artist Fonseca.

Keenan has performed on America’s Got Talent, Good Morning America, Man in the Mirror (International Tour) and a preview for the Soul Train Awards in the heart of Time Square. As an up-and-coming choreographer, Keenan has choreographed a BET commercial as well as for Chinese pop singer Cher Jia Sun in her Tell Me Now music video. Keenan has taught internationally in Germany, Paris, and South Africa. This year, he has was nominated by Luam (Alicia Keys Choreographer) for a spot in the Monsters of Hip-Hop cast for 2014. And most recently, Keenan was recruited as a choreographer for the MTV pilot Behind The Brand: Choreographer in Charge.