Katrina Endozo shares a fun piece to Something in Common by Bobby Brown ft. Whitney Houston at Sayaw 2016 hosted by PUSO at Stony Brook University !

About Katrina Endozo

Katrina Endozo, born and raised in the Philippines, had a love for dance at a young age. After moving & living in NY for quite some time, it wasn’t until 2008 that she began her training dancing with Fr3sh JR’s. Since stepping into NJ’s dance scene, Katrina has had the pleasure to perform with some amazing talent from UFP, Project D, The Varsity NJ, & Miracle Project, as well as a few projects consisting of various great dancers residing in the Jersey Community. In 2015, she had the opportunity to co-direct a new upcoming team, Wannabes, alongside two inspiring dancers Joseph Ancheta and John Baluyut, who brought her a new found love and meaning. Pursuing her passion, Katrina moved to Los Angeles and has since performed in Choreographers Carnival LA, 8th Wonder, and Bridge SoCal. She is fortunate enough to also be part of the Snowglobe Perspective staff, where she gets to share and teach on occasion. Katrina will always have a deep appreciation and love for the East Coast dance community and is extremely excited to come back and share everything she has learned throughout her journey.