Bronx native Kary Massiel performs her piece to Hit the Quan by iHeart Memphis!

About Kary Massiel

When She locked her eyes on a high school talent show, 16 year old Kary Massiel initiated a taste in the art of movement. She self taught in movements of popping, gliding and waving. While posting her videos on social networks, people’s interest were caught and she started to developed a small fan base. As her age progressed, she took interest in picking up different, respective styles of dancing through YouTube such as krumping, tutting and flexing. She then formed a team of five called the NYC Neffies to keep one of her students from having negative intentions out in world. The Neffies specialized in the style of jerkin and was one of the many known groups in New York for that specific style. Kary has performed in small show cases and competitions, one being a Nike competition that was held at the Amsterdam Theater in New York as well as The Princess of Dougie battle in which all expenses were paid for her to attend in Los Angeles, California. Now, Kary has decided to take on a new challenge: to develop into a choreographer in hopes to inspire as many people as she possibly can with her own unique style.

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