PUSO Modern’s proud to present the second installment of our seasonal dance workshop series, Winter Session, featuring PUSO Modern Veteran, Genesis Taveras, and Captains, Samantha Rose Cadorniga and Simone Wright! Jumping from Long Island to NYC, we’re back to offer something new and fresh to learn and enjoy. Come through and catch up with familiar faces, meet some new ones, and have a great time. Ring in the new years the fun way, see you all then!

About Genesis Taveras
Genesis has been a talented and faithful member to PUSO Modern since her Freshmen year and we’re excited to have her share with all of you. Born and raised in NYC and a senior at Stony Brook University, Genesis started dancing Hip Hop and Bhangra in high school for teams DOPE and BTS and has been completely in love with dance since then. Entering into college, she found a place in Stony’s Dance Community. She attributes much of her growth to PUSO Modern, CASB Dance Team, PUSO Ballroom, and MOXiE and thanks them for constantly pushing her and helping her grow as a dancer.

“I’m really excited and so thankful I get this opportunity to teach and I hope I can offer something fun for you guys to learn!”

About Samantha Rose Cadorniga
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. The first memory I have of dancing is trying to imitate Michael Jackson when I was 4. But I think 1,2 Step by Ciara & Missy is what got me really into it!! It was during that era that I began to sort of freestyle in my church basement with friends (Soulstice), figuring out how I liked to move. In my Junior year of High School I wanted to develop my interest in dance and was first exposed to choreography with Defined Movement, NJ. The summer before college, I trained with Unique Movement! Currently at Stony Brook, I am a Senior and Co-Captain of PUSO Modern and have been grateful for all that this fam has given me since freshman year. Going through this journey I’ve learned that I dance for the moments, the music, the family, and the challenge. With all said, I can’t wait to meet y’all and I look forward to this being a learning experience for the both of us!! ✌

About Simone Wright
Hey y’all, Simone here! Here’s a bit about me so we can feel a little connection when we step into class on Friday! I grew up as a really shy kid in Queens, NY and was raised by a huuuuuge family. That meant 100+ person family reunions, so you can imagine how intimidating that was for me! At every birthday party, BBQ, etc but old R&B blasted through the house, and that’s where my first love for music and attempts to groove bloomed. It wasn’t until college that I got a little less shy and developed that enjoyment of music into an expression of the sound through dance. Finding that shared love for the jams in Stony Brook University’s diverse dance community, specifically within CASB Dance Team and PUSO Modern, as well as the NY/NJ community, I’ve learned that I have so much more to learn! It’s been a wild ride from when I first auditioned four years ago to being a co-Captain of Modern now, but what has stayed consistent is my love of connecting through music and dance. I can’t wait to bond and get to meet all of y’all this Friday! Let’s grow together.

Community Artistry Coverage
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