About Street Spectrum 2016

This event was held at TADA! Theater on February 21, 2016. This show is very much indicative of the title. It is a place to see a spectrum of dance styles and choreography that is shaping our dance culture today. Some pieces will be based primarily in things we would see in a commercial realm, some based in concert dance, and some based more in theatrics. We can all draw inspiration from many facets of dance and I’m happy to be collaborating with Kat Wildish and Gordon Walls in creating a show that will hopefully inspire an audience to learn more about these dance styles and cultures.

Here is the line up of talented creators we collaborated with:

RK Davis (Commercial Hip-Hop)
J9Dance (Street Jazz)
Ryan Marrero (Miami Style Hip-Hop)
Cocomotion (Waacking)
Cebo (House)
Banks and Trammel (Krump)
Eva Bust ‘a’ Move in collaboration with J9Dance (Solo with Video Production)
Natasha Markwick (House/Breaking/Afro)
John Guitterez (Modern/Breaking/Dance Theater)
Iya Kowad (Popping)
Frostlock (Locking)
Special Guest Lauren Cox/Human Collectives (Contemporary)