Emily Greenwell and Kenichi Kasamatsu showcases a duet to Justin Beiber’s Where Are You Now at the 2015 Sybarite Love is Love Choreographer’s Showcase.

It was a night full of good vibes, energy, and talent. We had the pleasure of covering the event hosted by Sybarite Productions and it was a night to remember. Couldn’t make it? We’ve got you covered. All showcasing performances from the night are live on our site here!

What better way to mark the end of 2015 and jump start New Years 2016 celebrations by watching some amazing, jaw dropping performances from artists putting it down on the stage. Not to mention, the vibe of the audience as well as the cyphers that pre-gamed and immediately followed the showcase performances. The community truly came together to support one another that night, with dancers representing Clear Talent Group and Bloc agencies all under one roof together at the Highland Ballroom in New York City.

New York City brought some serious energy that night. Music was provided by DJ Dax Carson. The host of the night, Voodoo Ray brought some serious entertainment to the event. Sybarite host founder, Dinna Alexanyan, brought her family to the show to enjoy the performances and gave a huge thank you to all those who help put together the show.

Sybarite has made themselves known as an entertaining dance showcase that features amazing talent in the east coast from both choreographers & dancers in the industry, hosting events for multiple years in the past. This year, the event was held on December 28, 2015 featuring artists ranging from established industry leaders and up and coming community members.

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