Deshawn da Prince aka Deshawn Hawthorne teaches a piece to Party Favors by Tinashe at his class in Ripley Grier Studios!

About Deshawn da Prince
Deshawn Hawthorne , known as Deshawn Da Prince was originally a hip-hop freestyle dancer with styles such as waving, gliding, popping & tutting.

He was enrolled into Devor Dance Center in Jamaica Queens, NY. at age five and his first classes ever were Jazz, Ballet and African, but five years later he was introduced to Hip Hop. with a group from the same center named Da F.I.R.M. He was the youngest dancer in the group but kept up with the other young adults in the group. Deshawn later on joined a crew of boys who named themselves G.I.B (Go In Brother) who labeled him as a choreographer for the group. As Deshawn went on experiencing the choreography world he then started submitting to shows such as Carnival NY, Sybarite Love is Love & WOD N.J. where he presented his latest works. Deshawn since has worked with artist such as Chris Brown, Lil Mama Nyemiah Supreme and more… Currently, Deshawn is a choreographer, dancer, dance coach, and artist developer for the New York burlesque show The Dollhouse and their male version The Ken Project who is represented by Bloc Agency NYC. Deshawn is just getting started, his vision and goals are now more clear than ever this bright new star is sure to please and refresh to the dance industry.