The popping sensation, Dassy Lee.

Our partners at Moonculture films just produced this awesome concept video of Dassy Lee freestyling to Alessia Cara’s Here.

Born and raised in Seoul Korea,┬áInyoung ‘Dassy’ Lee is a Korean Popper inspiring dancers in NYC. If you’re a popper in NYC, you know Dassy. She is all over the popping scene and instructed at The Spot Dance Center (which recently shut down).

Shes done numerous commercial jobs, such as for Fitbit and Wazed Clothing. She has performed in Buddha Stretch’s piece at the Carnival NYC, Soraya’s piece at Sybarite, and choreographed for Street Jam Korea and has been all over North America at popping jams such as in Vancouver, Orlando, Los Angeles. You can see for yourself in her Dance Reel here.

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