Dana Foglia presents an experience like never before in New York City. Take an exclusive behind the scenes look at the rehearsal footage before the show. Wireless headphones, beauty in movement, and entrancing sounds all help to create an immersive experience never before seen in our tri-state area.

This compilation video uses music separate from the official performance.

Dana Foglia presents Vatic

Artistic Director Dana Foglia’s VATIC, presented by Dana Foglia Dance, is an innovative experience that pushes beyond the boundaries of dance, sound and visual conception.  Vatic is the first dance experience where the magic of sound moves each audience member through wireless headphones as they watch humans defy the laws of movement. The full length show allows you to enter a world where movement is captivating, futuristic, athletic and mesmerizing. Vatic teleports the audience to an unimaginable place with an intimate audio experience, breath taking performance and magical visual lighting that forces viewers to accept that this is much more than a dance show. The high impact Movement – Sound – Visual experience leaves the audience at the edge of their seats yearning for more of VATIC.