Relive the experience of the Open House Family 7 Year Anniversary by watching the cyphers from the event!

About Open House Family

Open House Family hosts a weekly house dance session in at Live Arts Los Angeles at 4210 Panamint Street. Open house is a house dance and music community in the greater Los Angeles area aimed to support and build a haven for dancers and music lovers of all ages, race, color, or creed to get together and share the knowledge of house dance, music, philosophy and club culture. Their weekly program is designed to encompass these tenets of House culture as a place to improve one’s skills, to exchange knowledge, history, moves and energies, as well as to socialize and simply have fun. In addition, Open House offers frequent dance workshops, performances and special events for the Los Angeles community in which our mission is to create a safe, positive environment for all participant to release their creativity within house music. Open House aims to preserve the essence of House music/culture – open, honest, and pure expression.