We had the pleasure to meet with Boogie Frantick earlier in the month in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, CA with Moonculture Films and urban clothing brand, Artefakt. His most recent video release prior to this one was The Popping Dead featuring OG Jeckle.

A little background about Boogie Frantick. The Los Angeles-based, global reaching popper is part of the Mighty Zulu Kingz, the official hip hop crew for the Zulu Nation and of Hip Hop Culture established in 1973. He is also part of The Gr818ers, a San-Fernando Valley based coalition of college students and artists dedicated to improving racial and cultural relations in their local community and undeserved communities across the country and is represented by MTA, Movement Talent Agency.

Frantick has had quite a track record – Appearing in Step Up 3D (2010) as the character “Wave”, involved in two episodes of The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, a dance-related web series directed by Jon M. Chu, and performed in the Ted Talk, The LXD: In the Internet age, dance evolves.

He not only is an amazing dancer – but we noticed that he is a true role model for the world. Recently, Boogie Frantick was in Taiwan, spreading his knowledge and understanding of Hip Hop Culture. He truly inspired many, as we listened to his stories about the trip.

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