Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ajay Rijhsinghani

My name is Ajay Rijhsinghani. I love meeting new people, exploring different cultures/dance styles, and traveling to different countries. I am passionate about helping others, spreading positivity, and creating new opportunities for dancers.

Dassy Lee | Here (Lucian Remix) | Alessia Cara

The popping sensation, Dassy Lee.

Our partners at Moonculture films just produced this awesome concept video of Dassy Lee freestyling to Alessia Cara’s Here.

Born and raised in Seoul Korea, Inyoung ‘Dassy’ Lee is a Korean Popper inspiring dancers in NYC. If you’re a popper in NYC, you know Dassy. She is all over the popping scene and instructed at The Spot Dance Center (which recently shut down).

Shes done numerous commercial jobs, such as for Fitbit and Wazed Clothing. She has performed in Buddha Stretch’s piece at the Carnival NYC, Soraya’s piece at Sybarite, and choreographed for Street Jam Korea and has been all over North America at popping jams such as in Vancouver, Orlando, Los Angeles. You can see for yourself in her Dance Reel here.

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Boogie Frantick | Slo Down | Saaj

We had the pleasure to meet with Boogie Frantick earlier in the month in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, CA with Moonculture Films and urban clothing brand, Artefakt. His most recent video release prior to this one was The Popping Dead featuring OG Jeckle.

A little background about Boogie Frantick. The Los Angeles-based, global reaching popper is part of the Mighty Zulu Kingz, the official hip hop crew for the Zulu Nation and of Hip Hop Culture established in 1973. He is also part of The Gr818ers, a San-Fernando Valley based coalition of college students and artists dedicated to improving racial and cultural relations in their local community and undeserved communities across the country and is represented by MTA, Movement Talent Agency.

Frantick has had quite a track record – Appearing in Step Up 3D (2010) as the character “Wave”, involved in two episodes of The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, a dance-related web series directed by Jon M. Chu, and performed in the Ted Talk, The LXD: In the Internet age, dance evolves.

He not only is an amazing dancer – but we noticed that he is a true role model for the world. Recently, Boogie Frantick was in Taiwan, spreading his knowledge and understanding of Hip Hop Culture. He truly inspired many, as we listened to his stories about the trip.

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Jason Rillera & Pat Cruz | Hotline Bling (Esta Remix) | Kehlani

Jason Rillera & Pat Cruz just released this dope choreography with members from Norcal’s The Company, shot at The Eleven Studios Loft in Glendale, CA just a stones throw near LA. It’s nice to see the Founder’s contributing back to their old teams, with Shaun Evaristo performing annually at the team’s annual competition in NorCal.

The Company was founded in 2005 by Pat Cruz and Shaun Evaristo (Founder/CEO of Movement Lifestyle). The Company is also known for hosting URBAN PARADISE, a hip hop dance competition in San Mateo, CA (NorCal). Check out their opening set from URBAN PARADISE 2015 back in March here.

Over 11 members are represented in this video, who hustled down to SoCal. The video showcases a style of choreography that we’ve come to expect from The Company; who tends to perform tight, controlled movement and calculated grooves. Check out one of our favorite moments from this year’s VIBE XX:

The Company – VIBE XX Dance Competition

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