You’ve seen her epic performance with ARC (A Rhythm Company) up close and personal. Now watch Alice Wu deliver yet another show stopping performance at PD’s Special Holiday Workshops!

Project D Dance Company Presents: The Special Holiday Workshops
Tis the season for giving. To mark the end of the fall dance season, Project D Dance Company hosted the Special Holiday Workshops. In an effort to further give back to the community, they collected canned goods and spare clothing for donation and offered free dance workshops to all who could attend. In total, there were 5 boxes/crates of food, 20 large bags of clothes, and a box of toys.

Project D Artistic Director Edson Maldonado said it best: “Being part of the community, we’re always too busy thinking about the next performance, prepping for the next competition or just caught up in the grind but it was truly refreshing to see a change and help give back all while having fun. Hopefully we can continue this in the future and help make someone’s holiday real special this season.”

Taken from their Facebook Event:
As we wind down from performances and competitions, we bring this half season to a close, and what better way to celebrate than with dance and awesome vibes from the community. With the holidays drawing near, we’re reminded to count our blessings and be appreciative of those around us. We also realize that not many others are as fortunate, which is why we wanted to take this opportunity to do something bigger than ourselves and actually give back to the community.

We will be hosting 3 FREE, we repeat FREE classes for you to come and get your dance on with your fellow peers within the community. We encourage you to bring in toys, canned goods and/or clothes that we will later donate to children and the less fortunate. So go through your cupboards and closets and gather what you can and let’s really put “UNITY” in community. Tell your friends, relatives, pets what’s going down and we can help make this holiday season special for someone. And who better than Community Artistry to come and capture every moment so we can look back on them.

Final Thoughts
And boy did we appreciate being a close part of this event. Members from all over the tri-state came to celebrate and dance together. It was a memorable, sweaty, and fun experience. And did we mention sweaty? If you were in attendance, let us know what you thought about the event in the comments below!