Epic Motion Dance Company presents: The Electric Lady

Inspired by the works of Janelle Monae, The Electric Lady centers around Android Number 57821, otherwise known as Cindi Mayweather. One night, after performing at The Electric Sheep with her cyber soul sisters Polly Whynot, Andy Pisces, and Catalina, Cindi tragically falls in love with the human Anthony Greendown. When the Ministry of Droids is notified of this forbidden android-human affair, Cindi and Anthony have no choice but to run. As bounty hunters roam the streets and android abuse reaches an all time high, Cindi must decide whether a relationship with Anthony is worth all the chaos she’s created. The Electric Lady brings to you a modern telling of a classic star-crossed tale.

Raina Enand as Cindi Mayweather
Esosa Oviasu as Anthony Greendown
Allie Rubino as Polly Whynot
Lauren Ritter as Catalina
Charisse Ebrero as Andy Pisces
Joe Forzano as the Owner of the Electric Sheep

Artisic Director
Joe Forzano

Assistant Artistic Directors
Katie Bow
Ally Han
Derek Ho
AJ Padayhag
Allie Rubino
Michael Toy

Show Operations Director
Raina Enand

Stage Manager
Ali Derassouyan

Lighting Designer
Angela Wei

Executive Director
Michael Toy

Operations Director
Lauren Ritter

Social Secretary
Charisse Ebrero